ALL NEW FOR 2024 - Make Your 1st Sale in 5 Days

DAY #1

The Problem Producer™

(VALUED AT $299.00)

DAY #2

The Title Generator™

(VALUED AT $299.00)

DAY #3

The Course Creator Prompt™

(VALUED AT $299.00)

DAY #4

The 1-Page Funnel Prompt™

(VALUED AT $299.00)

DAY #5

The 10-Minute Tech Setup™

(VALUED AT $299.00)

DAY #6

Going Live & Making Your 1st Sale!

(VALUED AT $299.00)

Now that you’ll be ready to rock…I created a bonus day #6 where I’m going to show you:

  • The 3 places to share your course so you start making sales (and how to do it right)

  • The big mistake most people make after going live that kills sales (and leaves them insanely frustrated)

  • BONUS: We’ll host a live q&a session to answer all your questions & remove any roadblocks for you

  • And more...

Remember how I was stuck for months deciding what to sell, and who to sell to?

My simple “problem producer prompt” solves this for you in seconds.

The truth is…99% of courses make no money people everyone gets this simple part TOTALLY wrong.

This simple prompt bypasses all the guesswork and risk…which means you’ll create a product that’s highly in-demand and insanely valuable to your customers.

  • Watch Day #1’s 10-minute video…then run my simple prompt…and you’re 95% of the way to your first profitable course

  • Takes just minutes but virtually guarantees your success, even if you’ve failed dozens of times in the past.

  • BONUS: We’ll host a live q&a session to answer all your questions & remove any roadblocks for you

Without a great title…your course is also destined to fail.

In fact, you can take a course that’s making $0 and turn it into a 6-figure course just by simply changing the title.

Which is why I’ve turned our perfect title formula into an AI prompt you can run in seconds, that gives you the perfect title for your course…so you won’t spend hours second-guessing.

  • Watch Day #2’s 10-minute video…then run my simple prompt…and you’ll have an amazing title done-for-you

  • BONUS: We’ll host a live q&a session to answer all your questions & remove any roadblocks for you

Now it’s time to bring your course to life…in a day instead of a month.

You’ll get access to my mega course-creation prompt…that will literally script your entire course for you, word for word, turning your knowledge into an amazing course your customers will rave about.

Plus, I'll show you:

  • A brand new AI design tool that will make your digital product looks AMAZING…so you don’t need to design anything yourself.

  • How to create everything without being on camera or needing a professional studio

  • BONUS: We’ll host a live q&a session to answer all your questions & remove any roadblocks for you

Listen, obviously know you that you need a website and a shopping cart/ecommerce platform in order to take sales, right?

The problem is, everyone screws this up…and even a great product, with a great title, won’t sell if your website sucks…or buying your course is too complicated.

Which is why I created Day #4. Here’s what you’ll get on Day #4…

  • My 1-Page Funnel Prompt that will script your entire landing page for you, using a formula I’ve perfected & used to sell over $52,000,000 in courses…

  • The simple 1-page template that generates sales around the click (without needing a multi-step marketing funnel, 2-hour webinar, or any other complicated marketing stuff)

  • BONUS: I’ll share the 1 simple tool I use to that will design your page, host it, accept your orders, and deliver your course for you…automating the entire process

  • BONUS: We’ll host a live q&a session to answer all your questions & remove any roadblocks for you

Ever got stuck wondering what software, apps, phone, camera or microphone to use?

You don’t need a full production studio or pro-grade apps to produce courses that look and sound amazing.

You just need 1 simple (and incredibly cheap) tool…and you’ll be ready in an hour.

  • How to create a beautiful member’s area in 15 minutes (that automatically delivers your product to your new students)

  • BONUS: We’ll host a live q&a session to answer all your questions & remove any roadblocks for you

  • And more…

Turn Your Knowledge Into A Profitable Online Business in Just 5 Days... you can quit your job, work from anywhere, and do something you love all day long.

(Using the power of AI tools that do 90% of all the work for you)

In 5 days, you will be well on your way to…

Being your own boss

From anywhere in the world

With total financial & personal freedom

So you can finally live your dream life

I Didn’t Think It Was Possible Either, Until This…

If we haven’t met, my name is Brian Moran...

I’ve been making money online selling simple digital products that take me a couple hours to make for the last 12 years……

...and they’ve brought in over $52,000,000.

But it didn’t start out that easy…

And a few years back, I was sitting right where you are right now.

Working a 9-5 job I hated...

Taking orders from someone else all day...

Not making enough money to buy a new house for my wife and I.

(here’s a picture of the basement apartment we were living in)

And feeling like I was wasting years of my life doing something I wasn't passionate about at all.

I got so fed up with where I was at in life, that I started endlessly searching for a way to start my own online business…...

where I could replace my income at work doing something I was excited about.

I stumbled into this brand new world, where I quickly realized thousands of people were making amazing money, simply by talking about what they're already passionate about…and turning that into little digital products that people happily paid for.

It honestly seemed to good to be true...but I had to try it.

So I got to work.…and like most people, I struggled. A LOT.

I spent 18 months making no hardly any progress…

  • I debated what my product was going to be for months

  • I spent a month figuring out how to build my website

  • Weeks creating…then recreating my course

  • Months blogging & posting to social trying to get visitors to my site

  • I even setup a landing page that was supposed to make people buy my course

…and after all that, I STILL wasn’t making sales.

None of it made sense honestly…but then everything changed.

I ran across a big competitor in my niche, a guy named Paul Reddick.

Paul clearly knew something I didn’t.

From the looks of his website…he had thousands of customers, a huge audience, and clearly was making a ton of money…I just didn’t know how.

Luckily we connected and hit it off…and he ended up paying my way to Boston to an event he was running with a group of guys he was coaching.

He took us all to a Red Sox game…and I explained how my site was just not working.

Then he said something I’ll never forget…

Paul explained that trying to sell a typical “course” was killing my chances to make money.

It didn’t make any sense to me, until he explained why.

“Everyone thinks a “course” needs to be this massive product…with tons of videos…resources…and guides that solves a dozen problems.”

“Which means you end up pricing it at $100…or $500…or even $1,000”

“Selling a typical course like this to someone who doesn’t know you yet is extremely hard…and means that you have to become an expert marketer or salesman. Which you’re not. That’s why no one is buying it.”

Now it made total sense to me. After my anger subsided (because I just realized I wasted 18 months of my life on something that had no chance to succeed from the start)…

I realized that so many of the top brands, companies and influencers are doing the same thing:

  • Tony Robbins - he sells his book for $13.19 on Amazon...and that's how most people discover him (and then end up paying him $2,000 to $10,000 to attend his events)

  • Tim Ferris - he became famous with a simple $14.99 book called The 4-Hour Work Week, now he charges $150,000 to speak at events

  • Tai Lopez, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and countless others - all have super cheap products that anyone can buy, but they pulls in millions and millions in sales each year

Needless to say…I was dying to know what the solution was, so I asked Paul.

“You need a mini course or ebook…something small...something super cheap…that solves just 1 simple problem for people…and you can be terrible at marketing, but it will still sell like hotcakes.”

My mind started racing as the entire strategy became clear in my head.

This was my problem! I wasn’t good at marketing or sales yet…and this should solve it!

So I did something every successful entrepreneur has to do at some point...

I took a leap of faith...and I trusted Paul.

I raced home and got to work...

A few months later...I had replaced my income at my full-time job...pulling in $5,000 in a single month.

...and a few months later, I was pulling in $80,000 per month.

Needless to say…my life changed forever.

I finally left that job...

I went from waking up at 5am to get ready for work, to sleeping in because I could stay up late watching movies with Aimee. (my wife)

We built our dream home…

We took trips we had only ever dreamed of taking…

I picked up old hobbies that I didn't have the time for before.

I could work whenever I want...from wherever I wanted to.

And I had complete control.

Control over my income. Control over my schedule. Control over my life.

I was making insane money simply by sharing my knowledge with the world.

(and I wasn’t a well-known "expert" or "guru" in my niche)

A few years later, my brother Scott and I had reached the $1,000,000 per year level with our little website…

...and it was pretty much on autopilot. (we only had to spend about 5 hours a week working on it) we decided to build our own course software platform because most of the tools out there suck, or they’re way too expensive.

It turned out so easy to use, that we decided to start letting other people use it in 2014, and we called it SamCart. (the “SAM” stands for “sales & marketing…because SamCart practically convinces people to buy your course for you)

SamCart now has 25,000+ course creators using it every day…but…

I noticed that so many beginners were still struggling with the same stuff I did at first…

  • Struggling to pick the right niche

  • Struggling to decide what they’re course should be about

  • Struggling to pick a great title

  • Struggling to create & design their course

  • Struggling to setup a site or funnelStruggling to find customers

All these problems had become so easy for me to solve…but I couldn’t possibly solve them for thousands of people at once. (right?)

They were easy for me because I had been doing it for so long…and I have a framework for each step of the process that basically answers all these questions.

But then it hit me…With the power of AI, “What if I could take the simple framework I use…and train an AI Prompt so that anyone could use it and get results, even if they’re a beginner!?”

So I spent the last year to figure out if it could be done.

In the end...I turned my simple course business blueprint into a simple AI prompt that anyone can use…plus I added in all the new knowledge I have access to from the 25,000+ active course businesses being run everyday on SamCart…

…and it worked! (at least for me)

I knew I had to test it out on a bunch of real people…who didn’t have the experience I had.

So in February of 2023...we let a bunch of our beginner customers know about it…and put together a 5-day livestream, where I showed them all how to use it…

…and the results were frankly, staggering.

These simple AI prompts were working for every single person…and it didn’t matter what their course idea was…or what their experience level was…it worked like a charm.

Since last February...I've had our entire team working together to make it even easier...even more powerful…so we could get it into your hands, today.

And today, I'm proud to announce that it's finally ready.

…plus, to make sure you don't get stuck...I'll be on live with you each day, to answer any questions...and coach you along the journey.

Which is why, for the first time, even if you’re a total beginner, this program works…and you can be up & running (and making sales!) in 5 days or less.

This Brand New Model Means That...For The First Time Ever...You Can Actually Succeed & Start Making Sales...

  • Without needing a course ready to sell right now!

  • Without fancy equipment or complicated tech!

  • Without being an established expert in your niche!

  • Without knowing what you’re going to sell!

  • Without a pre-existing audience, email list, or social following!

  • Without even knowing what niche you want to go into!

Because This Simple Prompt Does The Work For You!

Let me quickly walk you through what I’ll give you each day during the challenge…

Here's What You Get Inside

We call this The 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™ 2.0 (AI Edition)

This isn’t anything like other programs you’ve bought before…that shove 27 video modules down your throat, leaving you hanging to figure out everything by yourself.

It’s a simple 5-day program, where each day...I give you the next piece of my new AI Course Business Prompt…and all you have to do is copy+paste it...and watch it do the work for you.

“Stop Selling 'Traditional' Courses!”

The "Micro" Course Phenomenon...

That's When The Money Started Flowing In…

Here’s What Happened Next...

There Was A BIG Problem...

So I Was On A Mission...

Here’s What Happened Next...

Introducing, The 5-Day Course Creation Challenge 2.0 (AI Edition)...

This Live Challenge Begins Saturday March 2nd - Enrollment Closing Soon

Introducing, The 5-Day Course Creation Challenge 2.0 (AI Edition)...

This is NOT a $1,997 Program (But It Should Be)

The Full 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition

  • The Problem Producer™ (valued at $299—FREE)

  • The Title Generator Prompt™ (valued at $299—FREE)

  • The Course Creator Prompt™ (valued at $299—FREE)

  • The 1-Page Funnel Prompt™ (valued at $299—FREE)

  • The 10 Minute Tech Set Up (valued at $299—FREE)

  • BONUS Day #6: Going Live & Making Your 1st Sale! (valued at $299—FREE)

  • LIVE Coaching Every Day During the Challenge (valued at $995—FREE)

A Total Value of $2,789

The way I look at it, the years of trial and error I went through figuring out how it all works (and the $50,000+ I spent creating this program) my gift to you.

(In my opinion, any hardship in life is only worth it if you can help someone else avoid the same pitfalls you fell into)

So I paid for all of that so you don't have to.

In fact, if you paid just 1% of the $50,000+ I spent creating this...

That would be $500 - which seems more the fair.

Especially when programs like this are normally sold for $1,997. (even though almost everyone who goes through them fails)

But this program actually works.

So even though $500 is more than fair...I am not charging you that.

This 5-Day Challenge retails for $239…but if you get in today on this page, you can join for just $7.

AKA You'll get over 95% OFF right now.

Here's Everything You're Getting Today

The Full 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition

  • The Problem Producer™ (valued at $299—FREE)

  • The Title Generator Prompt™ (valued at $299—FREE)

  • The Course Creator Prompt™ (valued at $299—FREE)

  • The 1-Page Funnel Prompt™ (valued at $299—FREE)

  • The 10 Minute Tech Set Up (valued at $299—FREE)

  • BONUS Day #6: Going Live & Making Your 1st Sale! (valued at $299—FREE)

  • LIVE Coaching Every Day During the Challenge (valued at $995—FREE)

A Total Value of $2,789

Normally $239 - Just $7 (Today Only)

Here’s What Happens After You Click That Button...

My team thought I was nuts for even thinking about giving it away at this price, but I promised them it would be worth it in the end.

Why? Because when you over-deliver for people...they become lifetime customers.

Which lets you do 3 specific things later on, that allows you to make way more profits than the traditional way. (I'll explain how you can do the same thing with your course inside the Challenge, on Day #5)

Here’s What Happens After You Click That Button...

After you click the button above, you’ll see the secure order form appear. It uses the same level of privacy and security that the top digital retailers use–that’s 265-bit SSL security.

Which means joining our 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition is safe, secure, and takes minutes.

Just fill out the order form, and you’ll be right into the CreatorU platform, and into the 5-Day Challenge.

Inside the Challenge, you’ll find everything you need, plus I'll send you an email immediately with more details about the live calls, how to register for them, and how to access the recordings if you miss them.

Plus, to make this deal even sweeter...we're throwing in these special bonuses for just the next few days…

Your 3 FREE Bonuses…


Private Invite To Our Facebook Community

Trying to launch your own course by yourself can be really tough.

Which is why we've created a private (invite-only) community where you can get 1-on-1 help from me, our team, and the other 10,000+ course creators who have launched their course and started making sales.

You can ask questions 24 hours a day, chat live with everyone in the group, and get instant feedback on anything you want. You'll never be left alone. Never left wondering what you need to do next.

(which is why the success rate of people who engage with the group is 10X higher than people who try to do it alone)

(VALUED AT $99.00)


The 3D Cover Designer™

Most people don’t know this…but having a high quality 3D cover for your digital products can boost sales by 20%.

Which is why I’ll share my favorite (free) tool for creating an awesome 3D cover…even if you have zero design experience.

(VALUED AT $199.00)



The 5-Day Challenge is delivered inside our brand new course creator community platform, called CreatorU™.

There’s already 81,284 members inside…sharing tips & tricks with each other daily.

You would normally only have access this challenge, and not all the other features inside CreatorU, like:

  • Weekly live calls where we take questions & share new strategies for generating traffic & sales 24/7

  • Proven blueprints being used by other 7-figure course creators

  • The real-time Creator Dashboard™ (where you can watch your social media following grow in real time)

  • The all-new AI Assistant™ (which comes pre-loaded with all our favorite AI prompts)

  • The new Creator Guides™ (which gives you a step-by-step plan so you’re never lost on what to do next)

…but as a special, limited time bonus…I’m going to unlock EVERYTHING inside CreatorU for you, completely free, for a year!

Everything ALREADY inside CreatorU+ today is easily worth well over $1,000 by itself.

But you'll get it for FREE as my gift to you today, because I want your sales to KEEP flowing in after your 5-day challenge is over.

A Special Announcement...

And before you sign up…I have one more special announcement to make.

You might already know this (because word is starting to get out)…but a few months ago I convinced Paul Reddick (my mentor) to personally coach a few new course creators personally…one on one.

Their results have been so staggering…that I reached out to Paul and asked if he could make time to help me coach you during this challenge…and he said yes!

So, for this entire challenge…Paul will be joining me for all the live sessions, so you can ask me and him anything you want…anything you’re stuck with…any roadblock you run into…and we’ll help you tackle it immediately.

You Have Two Choices…

Listen, the decision to sign up is yours.

I’m not going to force you into anything.

But you need to know…you’re going to make one of two decisions right now.

Decision #1 - you can’t decide not to do this. Not to take the chance on yourself. Not to risk a couple hours of your life seeing what this is all about…and whether or not it lives up to the hype.

That decision is real…because it means you’ll be in the same spot tomorrow that you are today.

You won’t be any closer to making this dream a reality for yourself.

You’ll still be lost or confused or stuck where you’re at…without the answers you need.

And frankly, I don’t want that for you.

Decision #2 - you can decide, right now, to jump in head first.

Take the risk…gamble a couple hours and see if this is real. If you ask me, the risk vs. reward isn’t even close. If this works for you, your life changes.

You could have a digital product that can make money around the clock…whether you’re worrying about or not. You can get paid while you’re on vacation. Your income is practically limitless because anyone on earth can buy it and instantly get it.

The upside is huge.

But it’s up to you to take that leap.

One Quick Warning…

Like I said before, the coaching calls start this week.

Which means we have to close down registration really soon. So if you don’t get in before then, you’ll be left out until we do this again (which there’s no date set yet).

So if you’re on the fence, now’s the time to jump off and claim your spot.

The Only Question Is: Do You Really Want This Bad Enough?

Look, I’m not here to hard-sell you.

That’s not my style. And we're only talking about 7 bucks here.

You just have to decide if you really want this.

Because if you're serious about living the life you want, making the kind of impact you know you can make, and getting total freedom over your life and your income...

Then this isn't a hard decision.

(even if there's a million excuses floating through your head right now)

You’ve seen the results that thousands of others are already getting with this. So don’t let $7 stand in your way.

You risk nothing other than missing out. So there's only one thing left to do:

Click button below right now.

That button is the key to your success.

It's the key to unlocking a new future. A future where you're in control. A future where your income is in your hands.

Where your freedom is in your hands. A future where you create something meaningful, that can give you, your family, and your friends a better life.

(and help thousands of people who need what YOU have.)

You owe it to them. And you owe it to yourself.

So let's do it. Together.

Plus, to make sure there’s NO RISK to you at all, you can…

Just Say “Maybe.” Because This Is 100% Guaranteed...

The Course Creation Challenge™ is backed by our total 1-Year money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for ANY reason at all…

All it takes is one email to and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund. No questions. No hoops. No qualifications or weird fine print for you to read.

Take the entire 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition without any risk whatsoever.

That’s plenty of time to put it to the test. Fair enough?


Use positioning to fix topbars, sidebars, and backgrounds.


Use effects like Transforms and Parallax scrolling.


Connect your site to the most popular apps out there.

Here's Everything You're Getting Today

The Full 5-Day Course
Creation Challenge™:
The AI Edition

You’ve never made a website this fast before.

The Problem Producer™

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

The Title Generator Prompt™

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

The Course Creator Prompt™

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

The 1-Page Funnel Prompt™

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

The 10 Minute Tech Set Up

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

BONUS Day #6: Going Live & Making Your 1st Sale!

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

LIVE Coaching Every Day During the Challenge

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

The 10 Minute Tech Set Up

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

The Invite-Only Facebook Group

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

The 3D Cover Designer™

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

Full 1-Year Access to CreatorU+

Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

A Total Value of $3,336

Normally $239 - Just $7 (Today Only)